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A Collection Of Intriguing Sports Essay Topics

Sports essay topics can be quite a challenge for most students. The reason for this is because in most cases, they do not usually expect the teacher to ask them to work on something like this. Therefore, it becomes quite a challenge for them when they are made to write such a paper. However, when you are in school it is your duty as a student to be prepared for the unexpected at any given time.
Just in case you are asked to work on a topic like this one but you do not know where to begin, the following are some topics presented by UsEssayWriters that you can use for your work:

  • Discuss some of the main reasons why it is important to encourage sporting activities within the learning environment
  • Explain how sporting activities in schools have evolved over the years, focusing on the nature and variety of activities available for students to participate in
  • Sports is supposed to be encouraged so that students are able to get the best out of their lives and time in school. Discuss
  • Explain some of the important points that you should consider when looking for an opportunity in employment as a sports bettor
  • High school sports have often been associated with a number of vices. Explain some of these, and highlight how the school system is contributing to the decline of proper and good quality sports
  • Politics manages to find a way to infiltrate every innocent environment. Discuss how politics has infiltrated the sporting environment in schools, and the challenge that this poses to the participation of students
  • There are so many lifelong benefits that are usually associated with sports. Write a paper that addresses 5 of these benefits, and 5 disadvantages that are associated with sports over the long time, which students joining school need to know about
  • America as a country is highly obsessed with sports. Discuss, and explain why football (soccer) has taken so many years to finally become noteworthy in the US
  • Discus some of the key challenges that are normally associated with the recruitment process for sporting in schools, highlighting possible alternatives
  • Youth sports should be encouraged because of the way it helps with character development for the students that are involved. Discuss
  • Discuss the need for schools to have stronger monitoring protocols in order to ensure that the students are able to stay on track and avoid doping.

Composing A Top-Quality Essay About Nursing

Nursing is one of the subjects that students frequently choose to explore in their essays. It isn’t surprising since there are lots of great ideas to write about if you start thinking about this profession. However, the success of your paper depends not only on the topic you pick but also on how well you convey your ideas and meet the requirements. Use the following tips to cope with the task well and earn a high mark for your work. Alternatively, you can always ask for essay help from a professional.

Preparing to Write Your Essay

  • Select a suitable topic.
  • Nursing is quite an ethical subject, so you shouldn’t argue for the things that contradict universally recognized moral principles. The best thing you can do is to raise a question and answer it in your paper. Pick a question you are really interested in, and your work will be a success. Do you want to learn more about the nurses’ rights? Explore the theme in your paper. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the efficiency of nursing units? Write about them.

  • Check if you have enough resources.
  • Your topic should be researchable, i.e. you should have enough materials to refer to in the process of work. Your opinion is important, but it should be backed up with relevant information from credible sources.

  • Check the requirements.
  • Read the assignment details and check how you should organize and format your piece of writing.

  • Research your topic.
  • Search for the publications in a corresponding niche of nursing. Whether it’s psychiatric nursing, healthcare practice, home-based nursing, or any other field, you’ll find all the necessary information if you search narrowly.

Writing Your Essay

  • Develop an outline.
  • Come up with a list of points you want to cover in your paper about nursing. You can make your outline more detailed by jotting down all minor points in support of your main arguments.

  • Write your first draft.
  • If you follow your outline, you won’t miss any important points and the development of ideas will be logical and coherent. When referring to your research resources, don’t plagiarize but cite properly and consistently.

  • Improve your draft.
  • Rewrite your first draft as many times as necessary. It may well be that you’ll come across a new interpretation of your nursing topic or come up with a new argument in support of your thesis. You aren’t obliged to keep up with your first draft, but you can adjust it and share your new ideas in the subsequent versions.

  • Edit and proofread your essay.
  • Correct mistakes and get rid of stylistic inconsistencies. Stick to the necessary formatting requirements. There are professionals that can help you with your homework.

How To Approach Different Types Of Persuasive Essays In High School

There are a variety of persuasive essay types that you’ll need to finish during the course of your high school days. Knowing the key differences between them all and how they related to one another can make for a much better end result. Invest some time into reading forward in this article to learn how to approach a project that can contain a variety of persuasive essay types.

Make the right choice

If you are given a choice of what type to work on then it is in your best interest to choose one that you are comfortable with as that increases your chances of reaching a higher grade. However, having said that there is an argument to be made for selecting an essay type that you might be uncomfortable with. That’s because it gives you a chance to turn a weakness into a strength. If you do that then moving forward into the future you can have a wider variety of skills with which to get the work done.

So consider all of the options available to you as carefully as you can and make the right choice for your skillset. But don’t spend too long making a choice as that can leave you less time to write.

Look at examples

If you’re about to engage in a project that you have never worked on before, then have a look at similar projects online to get a sense of what must be done to get to the finish line, or order a sample paper at You’ll see that the top students have the formula to be successful that you should copy.

Not sure where to locate these examples? It shouldn’t be too hard to find them online as nowadays the facilities to search for stuff is excellent. Just keep in mind that you need to locate only the high-quality examples and the ones that are relevant to the exact topic you wish to complete your own work on. If you meet these two criteria then the example is one worth taking note of.

So take the information presented to you in this article to heart, and by doing that you give yourself a great chance of moving forward in the correct manner.

What You Need To Know About The Structure Of A Compare And Contrast Essay

The compare and contrast essay is quite common, useful in both leisure based writing, as well as academic types. Despite their commonality, many people are simply unable to master this style of writing, for various reasons. I think that most people simply give up too early, without ever bothering to try just a little bit harder. By following my simple guide, you will realize that it isn’t as hard as you thought it was.
Writing any essay is quite simple if you have all the steps laid out in front of you. In the case of a compare and contrast essay, you want to do this as soon as you select a topic. You will also be required to gather information on your topics and this can be done in many ways. Consider the following outline to give you a better understanding about the structure of a compare and contrast academic essay:

  1. Proper title selection
  2. Never take the selection of a title for any paper lightly, this step must be done carefully or your success is not guaranteed. Two criteria to help you choose a good title is the practicality of the study, based on your current skills and resources. Your personal enjoyment of the study should also be considered when selecting a title.

  3. Hypothesis
  4. This statement is a specific assumption about your chosen topic, it is used to guide your research towards either proving or disproving the implications of your hypothesis. It sets a specific condition that must be met for your statement to be considered true.

  5. Basis of comparison
  6. There are many ways we can compare two objects and authors are free to choose their own. Some may choose to compare their subjects based on obvious, observable traits, while others may be more philosophical about their comparisons. You can choose either, or a mixture of both, you just have to make sure that your readers are also clear on your chosen format.

  7. Information
  8. Before you begin comparing, it would be helpful to have actual information on your subjects. A little research, using published works, can help with this, just be sure to reference properly.

  9. Conclusion
  10. Your final statement should wrap up your paper, leaving no lose ends to confuse your readers If you have done good work, you will have no trouble composing a final, concise statement that sums up the meaning of your paper.

Where Can I Find Well-Written Text Response Essay Examples?

A text response is one which talks about either of the character, themes/issues or authorial purposes. It is the purpose of stating your different opinions in reply to a particular topic or assignment. The basis of writing a text response essay would be to understand the meaning behind every paragraph and line. Take side notes and mark the important points that will support your text response essay. This will serve as your ground work for the text response research examples. But keep in mind that the text response example must be just used as a reference material and not be used directly as it is in your work.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to know what you are writing about and what you want to write about. Use the same to research for your examples. Like as always remember that the internet is the ultimate source of information for any information, as well as text response essays.

Make sure to keep your search on the internet precise and to the topic. Remember to enter the keywords that are most relevant to the topic you are writing about. If you feel that the first set of results is not as informative as you would have liked, then try a different set of keywords. And never stop at just one step of researching, do some extensive research on each topic before going ahead with anything. Try to pick out one or two similar examples and try to understand what the main idea behind every text response example regarding the topic that is present on the internet.

Just because something is mentioned in the example, does not mean it is true. Be sure to research it and validate it before using the concept in your paper.
There are standard sites that offer validated examples for text responses that are submitted by highly qualified writers and readers. Try finding these sites first. Go through the resources they have got to offer and use the ones that you find the most relevant in your assignment as possible.

If possible try to summarize what the main concept behind every example in your work. This will help in creating a response that is well rounded and gives the image of a well researched text response.

In Quest Of A Brilliant Visual Analysis Essay Example

When it comes to essay writing, there are numerous genres. Of which visual analysis is one. Visual analysis is often to do with identifying a visual subject, understanding the choices made by the artist of the subject and what it is meant to represent to the audience. Therein you will also be understanding about what the subject as a whole means to the artist and the significance it holds to the time it was created during, By breaking down a visual subject, which might be a painting, an advertisement or something with a profound meaning to the visual bearer, by studying the meaning and significance of the individual components in the subject you are trying to understand the whole project as a whole.
What are the important criterions when it comes to analyzing a visual entity?
There are four important aspects you need to take into consideration when performing a visual analysis of any kind. They are the purpose or the intent which it was made by the artist, what would the variety of audience view it perceive it as, the methods employed in its making and finally what it represents as a historical symbol from its era of creation.
All these factors are to do with what the subject invokes as feelings and thoughts by witnessing it. A good visual analysis essay will cover all these points expertly and with an in-depth understanding at all points.
How to approach the analysis for an essay?
The basic outline for a visual analysis paper would consist of four parts. The introduction, the thesis, the body and lastly the conclusion.
When it comes to writing the introduction, make it as interesting as possible to capture the attention of the audience. Try to write the painting in to words by describing as extensively as you can, that will provide the reader the feeling that they are looking at the painting itself, rather than reading about it. Talk about the artist, state what lead to the creation of the painting, mention some interesting points about the artist as well as the painting. Lastly, mention if there were any controversial factors surrounding the painting.
The purpose of your thesis will be to discuss the visible meaning and hidden meaning of the subject. The main purpose behind the body will be to support your thesis by using facts. And the conclusion will be your closing act, write something interesting here as well.

A Simple Guide To Writing A Conclusion For An Argumentative Essay

Writing is an art on its own. What this means, in essence, is that writing is not just an academic exercise but a much more sophisticated activity of the intellectual power. One of the most interesting aspects of writing is an essay. Writing an essay is a much more specialized thing to do as a learner, and that explains why entire courses are devoted to studying it. Today, we are going to take a look at a simple guide to writing a conclusion for an argumentative essay.
Pay attention to other parts: A piece is not made up of conclusion alone. There are other parts, and these include the introduction and body of the write-up. There is no way one part can stand alone without paying adequate attention to the other sections of the writing as well as the finishing area.

  • Follow the natural flow: Once the head and body of the writing makes sense, the concluding part becomes a lot easier and can even improve as a skill on its own with time. All that the writer has to do here is to follow the natural rhythm of coherence that has been existing in the earlier parts of the write-up.
  • Wrap up the argument: Based on the type of the writing you are doing, it is important to wrap up the argument once you are approaching the end of the piece. This is definitely a nicer and more refined way of finishing up your task.
  • Relevance: The finishing part of your piece should be made to be as relevant as possible. This is especially important as to enhance the readability for the reader. It will not make any sense for writing to have a concluding section that has no bearing whatsoever with what has been written in the earlier parts.
  • Overall coherence: The conclusion should be done in such a way that it will have the perfect correlation with what has been written in the other parts of the article.
  • These are the useful tips and hints that you can make very good use of when it comes to nicely ending and concluding what you have spent the time to write. It is also noteworthy to state that after the piece has been completed, it will be very good for the writer to take some time to go over again and look for any flaws.

Tips For Creating An Outline For A Compare And Contrast Essay

The best way to create an outline for a compare and contrast essay is first to get all of the information on the topic that you have chosen. If you have all of the information before you start your outline, the less work you have to do before you start to compose the essay. You will learn exactly how to compose your outline from beginning to end below.

How to Create a Compare and Contrast Outline

  • The introduction is a very important part of your outline. This part of your outline will have four lines all to each other with the following information, the first line is your thesis statement, the second line is your first point, the third line is your second point, and the last line will be your third point.
  • The next part is the body of the paper; each part of the outline in this part is three lines each. You will have three points that you are going to cover. And there is a subject A and B to each point. So you would write on the first line Subject A and point 1, then supporting information on the next line and then example on the third line. And then do it again with subject B. There will be three subjects A’s and B’s that will have three points that you are covering to support your topic.
  • The last part of your outline will be your conclusion, which only has two lines. One that will summarize all of the main points in your paper and then the reinstatement of your thesis statement.

This is the general way that you can create an outline for your compare and contrast essay. You can add or subtract the lines that are in the outline to fit the information that you are going to cover in your own paper. This is the easiest outline that you can use for your paper, but there are thousands of different ones that you can use. It is all up to you on which one your use and you want to use one that lets you display the information the way you want and shows you exactly how you will write your paper. The outline is a guide to help you write your paper and if you do it properly, writing the paper will be super easy. But don’t get upset if you can’t come up with a good outline. Check out this custom essay writing service where you can order guided help easily.

In Search Of A Compelling Example Of Essay About Yourself

Essay writing has been a major form of communication for many years and can serve various purposes in society. Through essay, authors are able to convey various ideas to readers, making these stories a virtual window into the mind of an author. Over years of practice, authors have honed their techniques to such extreme levels, many are able to bring tears of joy or sadness to their readers at will.
When attempting to write an essay about oneself, despite our familiarity with the topic, one is often quite at a lost on how to start, this is normal. Persons are usually unable to assess things about themselves that they consider worth writing. To help with this, a wise decision is to find a good example that you could make use of to help you, preferably one written in the same style that you intend to write in. To find a good example, visit the following locations:

  1. Academic forums
  2. Forums may just be the most popular type of site on the internet and with good reason, forums can often provide answers where no other site can. Keeping this in mind, use you favorite search engine to perform a query for examples of papers dealing with self, include the word “forum” in your search and you will be provided with many to choose from.

  3. Short story blogs
  4. Bloggers talk about many things, but a favorite topic for many is themselves. By visiting various blogging sites, you are sure to come across many well written entries, where the bloggers are writing about themselves in detail. These entries can be used to provide you with the example you require.

  5. Private tutors
  6. Private tutors are excellent at supporting students through just about every academic task they are faced with. They are also quite handy since they can usually work flexible hours and possess all the materials required for success. Contact a private tutor and request a sample story from them, you shouldn’t be too long in getting one.

  7. English texts
  8. English books contains many well written examples. By viewing different texts, you will surely find one containing the sample paper you need. You can access a wide variety of texts books at any library.

  9. Library collections.
  10. Libraries house many written pieces and some of these are simply papers written by their patrons. Ask the librarian to go through these stores, with a little luck, you will find just the example you need.

A Brief Introduction To Argumentative Essay Writing

Essay writing and custom assignment writing are fairly broad categories under which several subsets may be found. One of the most frequently used of these is the argumentative essay. It is often used but much less often understood or properly executed. Here is a brief introduction to it that serves as an explanation of how it can be done successfully.

You don’t actually need to argue
The persuasive essay style is often mistaken for the argumentative. In that style the writer is expected to present the two sides of an argument in a way that clearly favors one. In contrast, essays that are argumentatively written have no need to show which side is right. It is better if the show no leanings but this is not always possible. Some topics may deal with the rights of a clear victim and a clear perpetrator for instance, making it difficult for the writer to not use language that points at one side having more weight than the other.

Your points require evidence or some other support

This type of mistake is very common among new essayists but it can also be found among older ones. It starts when someone is so certain of their knowledge that they present their opinions as facts rather than quoting trusted sources. This can lead to a paper that is composed almost entirely of fluff. A good teacher might explain why the essay was not acceptable or simply leave it up to you to discover why that style would not be acceptable.

  • The topics can easily be used for persuasive papers
  • The topics used for argumentative essays are often written in question form. Generally those types of topics can be used just as easily for persuasive type writing. A few examples are:
  • Should divorced couples be allowed to remarry?
  • Are children becoming less inquisitive?
  • Is access to contraceptive technology a human right?
  • Should cannabis be legalized worldwide?
  • These could all successfully be used as topics for a debate.

It can still make a point
Even though both sides of the argument should be shown in a balanced way, argumentative essays can have a definite point. This point should be arrived at through sober discourse and not the emotive pleas so common in persuasive writing.

Like most things, there is more that could be said bout these essays than can be explained in a single article. In any case, you are on your way to understanding.