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When it comes to essay writing, there are numerous genres. Of which visual analysis is one. Visual analysis is often to do with identifying a visual subject, understanding the choices made by the artist of the subject and what it is meant to represent to the audience. Therein you will also be understanding about what the subject as a whole means to the artist and the significance it holds to the time it was created during, By breaking down a visual subject, which might be a painting, an advertisement or something with a profound meaning to the visual bearer, by studying the meaning and significance of the individual components in the subject you are trying to understand the whole project as a whole.
What are the important criterions when it comes to analyzing a visual entity?
There are four important aspects you need to take into consideration when performing a visual analysis of any kind. They are the purpose or the intent which it was made by the artist, what would the variety of audience view it perceive it as, the methods employed in its making and finally what it represents as a historical symbol from its era of creation.
All these factors are to do with what the subject invokes as feelings and thoughts by witnessing it. A good visual analysis essay will cover all these points expertly and with an in-depth understanding at all points.
How to approach the analysis for an essay?
The basic outline for a visual analysis paper would consist of four parts. The introduction, the thesis, the body and lastly the conclusion.
When it comes to writing the introduction, make it as interesting as possible to capture the attention of the audience. Try to write the painting in to words by describing as extensively as you can, that will provide the reader the feeling that they are looking at the painting itself, rather than reading about it. Talk about the artist, state what lead to the creation of the painting, mention some interesting points about the artist as well as the painting. Lastly, mention if there were any controversial factors surrounding the painting.
The purpose of your thesis will be to discuss the visible meaning and hidden meaning of the subject. The main purpose behind the body will be to support your thesis by using facts. And the conclusion will be your closing act, write something interesting here as well.

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